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An Introduction

Antalya is magnificently situated a top the cliffs of a wide crescent-shaped bay, surrounded by the towering peaks of the high Taurus Mountains that are covered with pine forests. It is an attractive town with shady palm-lined boulevards, picturesque old quarters, ancient marina and spacious beaches in the immediate vicinity. Antalya is one of the few resorts on the Mediterranean coast that still has crystal clear waters.

Today, Antalya is Turkey’s fastest growing city and also the one metropolis, besides Istanbul, that’s simultaneously a major tourist Mecca.

She is also known to be THE GOOD DEAL RESORT with many inexpensive and excellent tourist facilities accompanied by great shopping opportunities.

First recorded history of Antalya was in the 2nd Century BC, however the superb collection of sculptures, statues and other finds in this region, which is displayed in the Antalya Museum, date back to 50,000 years to the dawn of civilization.

The Antalya region is scattered with ancient theaters, ruined cities and crusader castles dating back to the Romans, Byzantines, Greeks, Seljuks and Ottomans.

Antalya is important in the history of Christianity. It was here that Saint Paul met Saint Barnabas, and gave his first sermon in Perge, just a few miles east of Antalya. Perge is also the home of Apollonius, one of the most famous mathematicians of the ancient world.

St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) had lived and died in Myra-Demre, about 3 hours drive to the west, where he was a bishop. His bones and an ancient portrait are displayed in the Antalya Museum.

In Antalya’s center it is possible to visit the monuments of HADRIAN’S GATE, FLUTED MINARET, ANCIENT CLOCK TOWER and HIDIRLIK TOWER by foot.

However, daily excursions to the ancient sites of PERGE, ASPENDOS, SIDE (to the east of the city), PHASELIS, KEMER, ANTALYA MUSEUM (to the west of the city), TERMESSOS and PAMUKKALE (to the north of the city) are great opportunities not to be missed.

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