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AKSAZ NAVAL BASE An Introduction

The Turkish Naval Base of Aksaz is situated approximately 15 km east of Marmaris. It is an exceptionally well protected natural harbor located on the adjacent bays of Aksaz and Karaagac. The construction of the base started in 1973 and already 90% of the development has been completed. The base consists of various types of deep draft piers and has a wide range of services and facilities for the ships. Also the base has excellent social and recreational facilities such as a gymnasium, tennis courts, soccer fields, etc.

The overland bendy route from the base to downtown Marmaris is 9 miles (about a 15-minute drive) going through a rural forest, therefore it is not recommended to walk the distance. The Base is a restricted area and is completely barb-wired all around with a security check at the main gate.

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